Camping for Christmas NZ

Camping for Christmas

How do you get away over Christmas? Campervan, tent, cabin, bach, or day trip? Whatever works for your family we can all agree that careful planning enhances relaxation. Our Christmas camping tips are here to help you have a memorable holiday in the great outdoors that you’ll want to repeat every summer. 

1. Book in advance
It is not too early to book for Christmas 2024! Prime campsites fill up fast through Christmas and school holidays, so it pays to book your campsite early. Locking it in early means you're more likely to get the spot you want, and accommodate other families you may be heading away with into neighbouring sites.

2. Get festive 
You might not have the space to bring an entire Christmas tree with you, but lightweight portable fairy lights will give your campsite some festive cheer. LED lights use less power, and there are cute solar and off-grid options too. Charming lanterns and rechargeable tea lights also add atmosphere. 

3. Give useful camping gifts 
Give gifts that are both thoughtful and useful to your adventure-loving crew. Add comfort and luxury with things like solar chargers, handy jandals, a hammock, or a fantastic sunhat

4. Make Christmas dinner delicious 
The key to any successful Christmas dinner is simplicity and planning. Work with your facilities and prepare as much as possible in advance. Portable BBQs and camp ovens are a game changer. Embrace one pot cooking, and don't forget the chilly bin for a couple of cold ones. 

5. Make new friends 
Embody the Christmas spirit as a time for giving and sharing and make mates with your neighbouring campers. You've already got something in common, a shared love of champing and adventure, so why not plan a friendly game of cricket together, or a campfire marshmallow party? Embrace the season and enjoy the opportunity to make new friends and share the happiness. 

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