Collection: Kids Summer Hats

Protect your children or grandchildren from the sun with Sunday Afternoons Kid' Play Hats. Our number one hat for a reason — kids love to play in the sun, and parents love to protect them. Sun-smart fabric and hat design keep natural-born adventurers safe and happy.

You’ll love our children's beach hats and Kid's Play Hats, and the little ones will love them even more. Enjoy peace of mind as they play outdoors. Our children's wide-brim hats are so popular because they’re so good! The Kid's Play Hats are a total star when it comes to sun safety.

Playproof details like a breakaway chinstrap, custom sizing band, floatable brim, water repellency, and stain resistance ensure that your Kid’s Play Hat lasts for summers to come. The back veil not only protects little necks from rays but also allows the hat to sit comfortably in a stroller or car seat.

Our children's beach hats are iconic. Wearability, functionality, and style combine to deliver the perfect summer essential.

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