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Care and Use

When living, working, and playing outdoors is how you get your fun, you need hats that stand up to all of life’s adventures. With proper care, packing, and use, our hats are guaranteed to last as long as you stand under them. Follow these tips to ensure your hat stays in great shape for years to come.


    Our hats are designed to withstand outdoor adventures. Many hats can be washed by hand using a gentle soap. Others require careful spot cleaning. Special care should be taken with a few styles that should never be cleaned with soap or water. Follow the instructions on the label of your hat, and use our handy video library to make sure your hat looks good for years to come.


    If travel is your thing, we have a hat for that. When you’re ready to hit the road, follow our tips to learn how to pack your hat so that it arrives looking like new.

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Additional Videos

Packing Your Hat

Not sure whether to crush it, fold it, nest it, roll it, pack it flat, or wear it on your head? Check out these videos to determine the best way to pack your hat for your next adventure.

  • Roll for Packing

  • Pack Flat

  • Pack with Care

  • Folding

  • Do Not Crush

  • Crushable

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Caring for Your Hat

Sunday Afternoons hats are designed for easy care and wear, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Not sure if your hat should be hand-washed or spot-cleaned? First, take a quick look at the label inside your hat, then check out these videos and learn how to keep your new purchase looking fresh.

  • Spot Clean

  • Hand Wash

  • Easy Does It

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