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Go chasing waterfalls in NZ

There is a long weekend on the horizon, the perfect time to go chasing waterfalls and get out for a picturesque day walk. Here are a few of our favourite waterfall day walks in New Zealand.

1. Thunder Creek Falls - Westland - The West Coast has a bounty of amazing waterfalls to choose from. Thunder Creek is just one of many incredible options for a day trip of beauty. Extremely tall at 96m, Thunder Creek is an easy 10-minute walk. Make a weekend of it and try to tick off as many West Coast falls as you can!

Thunder Creek Falls, NZ

2. Devil's Punchbowl - Canterbury - It's a must-see, and not just as you drive by. This is an enchanting 1-hour walk just a couple of hours outside of Christchurch and 100% worth the effort.

3. Oakley Creek Falls - Auckland - the only waterfall in the middle of the city. Pack a picnic and pretend you're in the middle of nowhere without ever leaving town. The perfect escape when time is tight.

4. Washpen falls - Christchurch - about an hour out of town, Washpen falls is well maintained and family friendly. A popular two hour loop walk (but longer with little ones in tow) with ample picnic opportunities. A small visitor fee keeps the environment in top condition and there is boutique overnight accommodation on offer.

5. Rainbow Falls - Northland - Often overshadowed by the majesty of Northland's Whangarei Falls, the 27-metre Rainbow Falls is easily accessed with an enjoyable walk making it worth your time when adventuring through the top of the North Island.

6. Rere Falls and rockslide - Gisborne - The rockslide is a summer institution, careening down the rockface on a boogie board, but the waterfall is a year round gem. Picturesque and family-friendly.

Rere Falls NZ

7. Shine Falls - Hawkes Bay - A bit of a drive from Napier, followed by a moderate walk through lowland forest and farmland. An enchanting 58m horsetail waterfall with a secluded setting. Temporarily shut due to the after effects of a cyclone, make plans to get there when it opens again.

Once you've made it to your waterfall watch out for spray when you're taking pictures for the gram and keep an eye on your footing.  A rain resistant hat will keep your hair dry while wicking away sweat from your efforts and sturdy footwear will help keep your feet firmly on the ground.


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