Sun Protection While Gardening

Sun Protection While Gardening

Spring is in the air, which means it is time to get into the garden to plant for the growing season ahead. Sun protection while gardening is about more than just shielding from UV rays, the right hat can provide several benefits, such as keeping you cool and deflecting dirt, debris, and repelling water from a sudden downpour or a wayward hose. Here are a few tips on what to look for when getting back into the garden. 

Maximum Sun Protection

The majority of our hats carry a UPF 50+ sun protection rating, the highest rating achievable. UPF 50+ blocks out 98% of UV rays when worn—allowing you to diminish the sun, not the fun.

Wide-Brimmed Hat 

Wide-brim hats shade the face and neck on long, hot summer days, while a dark underbrim protects the eyes from glare. These styles are perfect for tending to the garden when the heat and bright light seem endless.

Insect protection

Digging can lead to greeting more bugs than you bargained for. In addition to a sturdy pair of gloves, Sunday Afternoons have styles that keep you comfortable and protected. Look for styles with adjustable neck protection and mesh venting to keep warm air circulating and flying bugs out of the way. 

Say Yes to the Neck Flap 

Veiled sun protection is an absolute must when spending extended time outdoors. Some Sunday Afternoons styles have hidden neck flap compartments, offering flexibility to drop the sun protection curtain depending on the conditions. This extra coverage is especially useful for longer gardening sessions under the sun.


New Zealand has notoriously fickle weather conditions. Water resistance offers peace of mind as well as protection from sudden downpours or a sprinkler gone haywire.

Chin Strap

If you're working in windy conditions or on slopes, a hat with a chin strap can help keep it securely on your head. Look for breakaway safety straps for young ones and adjustable cord lock for those gusty days. 

When choosing a gardening hat, prioritise comfort, functionality, and sun protection. It's also a good idea to consider the specific gardening tasks you'll be undertaking and the weather conditions you'll be facing. Ultimately, the right hat will have the flexibility to help make your gardening experience safer and more enjoyable, with no nasty sunburn.
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